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RV Share is arguably the world’s biggest online RV rental marketplace. It’s also the first peer to peer program to introduce a rental system for dealers and renters in a community-driven platform. Users can look at tons of motorhome listings uploaded by private owners and dealers. RVShare.com is available in all 50 states.

RV Renting Made Easy

There are many reasons why one would want to rent an RV for a few days. If you’re planning on going camping, taking a cross-country road trip or for any special event, an RV could prove to be the perfect vehicle for you. RV Share makes renting easy and fun.

The RV market is enjoying the recent boom in travel trend and it’s become one of the best options to travel across countries. RV’ing is certainly one of the most personal and economic ways of traveling with a large group or family. Renting a motorhome can get you up to 57% savings as compared to other travel options.

One of the benefits of RV Share is that you can choose from a list of RV owners or dealers. You’ll also want to be properly covered in terms of insurance and in the event of a road accident or vehicle damage while the RV is still in your possession. You’ll have peace of mind and the trip becomes more enjoyable.

RV Share provides listings that are divided into states. Renters can input details to get the right kind of RVs they may need for the trip. There are options to go into details if you’re looking to get a specific RV. If there are additional questions you can reach out to the owner directly and get the answers you need in a timely manner.

Extra Income For RV Owners

For some motor homeowners the option of having their RVs rented out not only offset some of the maintenance costs but also presents them with a way to start earning extra income. One of the most common issues with owning an RV is that the vehicle just sits in the driveway or gets stuck in a storage that owners pay monthly. RV Share is one way of offsetting the costs associated with motorhome maintenance.

That being said, you can enjoy a steady stream of income when you list your RV up for rent at the RVShare.com website. It also acts as a place where RV aficionados gather. Many owners post ads of the motorhomes that they own and their dream RVs they want to have.

RVShare’s Peer to Peer System

RVShare.com users may start by creating their profile on the website. Trailer homeowners must select the type of RV they have and essential details such as length and year using a drop-down menu. There’s no credit card information required to complete registration. Then, it’s off to uploading a photo of their RV and putting in descriptions that will help the renter once they browse your listing. The good thing about RVShare is that you won’t need to pay to list, but there’s an optional “featured listing” for a small fee.

RV owners may be at a loss on how they should price their listings. RV Share helps in these situations by showing you “suggested rates” of similar RVs and depending on the location. Offers from renters are not forced. Owners can choose whether or not to accept the offer. Simply review the requests and agree to offers that sound good to you.

Renters can view a wide variety of recreational vehicles of all types and models. Each listing is divided according to the following categories: Class A, Class B, Class C and Travel Trailer. Expandable trailers are further subdivided into Pop Up Camper, Fifth Wheel, Truck Camper or Toy Hauler. There’s also a checkbox for when the RV has wheelchair options.

Renters can choose to filter RV search fields by vehicle age, engine type, RV type, travel date and a whole lot more. Furthermore, renters can filter search fields and compare RV prices, reviews, added features, etc. Once you’re satisfied with the RV you can put up a booking request, which automatically sends an SMS to the RV owner. The owner then looks it up and chooses whether to accept it or not.

Renters can then take the time to ask specific questions about the RV, including mileage and generator fees and rules, options for extending the booking and if you want to rent for more than 1 month, drop off and pick up times and locations and miscellaneous matters such as delivery, set up and other add-on services.

Those who intend to travel with a pet must check with the owner for specific cleaning fees and policies. You can match up with RV owners who themselves have pets for easier negotiations. Renters normally must pick up the RV. Owners show the renter the ropes and provide a quick demo of how to do the most important things, then send them off their merry way.

Better Rates at RV Share

RV Share has more options as compared to other corporate RV companies. It’s also more cost-effective. A 1-week rental could set you back $1,400 along with taxes, insurance, and per-night mileage, which comes out to around $200 per day. With RVShare, renters can choose from a wide variety of motorhomes, with the price ranging from $150 to $250, depending on the year, the model and if it’s a busy RV season or not.

Newer, Better Motor Homes

Other RV rental sites only have up to 3 different models they rent out, and this makes total sense because they’ll need to be consistent in both upkeep and maintenance costs. RVShare as a peer to peer RV marketplace is untethered as the owners are varied and they buy the RV to serve a specific need. Renters will more than likely find a few personal upgrades such as extra awnings, slide outs, a DVD player or even external speakers already installed into the RV they’re booking. Best of all, these upgrades come at no extra cost to the renter.

Insurance Coverage

Both renters and owners are protected by a variety of insurance options. Owners may tentatively find themselves sharing a huge investment possession with strangers, but all their fears will come to rest with RV Share’s insurance protection policy.

Renters, on the other hand, may want to brush up on the policy paper and understand the details before taking their rented RV out for a spin. You’ll be undergoing a pre-booking inspection to ensure that existing damage won’t be charged to your tab, and post-booking inspections will determine if there’s new damage that you should pay for.

Fortunately, RV Share has some great insurance policies regarding liability and big-ticket damages. Owners who have successfully completed the RV Share Rental Insurance are approved for liability coverage up to $500,000 and can upgrade to set the max limit to $1,000,000. Keep in mind that the RV Share Rental Insurance is offered for free at no extra cost and without access fees or startup costs. Owners won’t have to pay for monthly premiums. It’s a given bonus for RV owners who went through the trouble of putting up their precious motorhomes for rent. Deductible costs for the insurance is set at $1,500 and payable via the renter’s security deposit. This system is designed as such that renters shoulder the initial costs for damages before the insurance coverage from RV Share kicks in.

Renters enjoy automatic enrollment in roadside assistance 24/7 during the entire duration of the vacation trip. The service is handed to 3rd party local towing and car repair shops and can be availed of by calling RVShare.com from any location. The company then contacts the nearest tow service and helps the renter out in any way they can.


Interested individuals can sign up at RV Share and view available recreational vehicles at the website free of charge. You get the convenience of browsing real listings without being bothered by a salesman or driving to the nearest car rental shop.

  • Owners receive protection with RV rental insurance of up to $1 million.
  • Renters can opt for extra set up and delivery for a nominal fee.
  • Interested buyers can first get a taste of the RV lifestyle before fully committing to a huge investment.
  • RVShare users get a 5% cash back program for discounted future trips.
  • Renters can get peace of mind guarantee worth $10,000 if they book via the RV Share payment system.


  • The availability of RVs drop off when you do searches in remote cities and states.
  • Getting a response from an RV owner may take up some time. This is understandable, as some owners may not be available for questions all the time, while others may not be technically savvy or familiar with the RVShare messaging system. There will be delayed responses and no response at all in some cases.
  • Owners will have added mileage and RV wear and tear from renters. Fortunately, you can use the earnings for upkeep and maintenance costs.

Final Words

RV Share is a reputable online platform that has been around for years. Owners enjoy added income while renters can dip into the RV fun and add to their vacation choices on the next opportunity. What’s more, users can leave reviews which add depth to the peer to peer RV rental marketplace.