People are spoiled for RV rental options nowadays. But out of all the possible RV rental platforms, which one is the best?

While there are obvious RV specifications such as size, comforts, and conveniences, most renters overlook gas mileage. You can have an itinerary to follow but it’s hard to figure out the exact number of miles for you to get there.

The good thing about the RV rental industry is that now, there are peer-to-peer RV platforms alongside traditional rental vehicles. More notably, you can get the benefit of signing an unlimited mileage contract, which means you escape the hassles of trying to compute for mileage when you want to rent out an RV for a vacation trip.

Benefits Of Renting An RV With Unlimited mileage:

1. You Don’t Want To Be Bound By Restrictions

Vacations should be all about fun. How many times do vacationers stray off the path and take a detour to visit an attraction every now and then?

Bottom line is, you shouldn’t have to think about whether the mileage allows you to be spontaneous. Renting an RV isn’t about restrictions, but rather the freedom to go wherever you wish. Thinking about the miles kind of ruins the moment because then you’ll always be worrying about distance and reaching for a calculator when you could be exploring new paths, locations, and entertainment.

Unlimited mileage truly unlocks your vacation’s potential. With it, you’ll be able to embark on unplanned adventures and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

2. You Don’t Want To Be Surprised With Exorbitant Fees

Going with a limited mileage plan will more than likely cost you extra in overage fees, no matter how much you calculate the distance. There are too many variables at stake- emergency stops, detours and last minute changes can add to those miles in a hurry.

The headache of having to worry about extra charges will be eliminated if you opted for unlimited mileage in a peer-to-peer rental. RV owners will usually charge per day and not per mile in a flat rate. This type of contract will prove to be extremely flexible whether you’re in it for the weekend, weeks or even months.

You will have an idea of roughly the total cost before and after the RV rental.

3. Rent Similar RVs That Had Mileage Limitations Before

In today’s world, it’s now possible to get unlimited mileage contracts on the RV of your choosing. Instead of having to pick out smaller-sized corporate RVs, you can enjoy your vacation in a real RV owned by a real person.

The policy covers all RV models, size, and styles, from small, popup campers to large RVs that can fit medium to large families. In a peer to peer platform, you can pick out a motorhome that has all the bells and whistles and whisk off to a grand adventure with your family!

Where To Find An RV Rental With Unlimited Miles

Finding out where the best RV rentals are on the internet can be a daunting, time-consuming task. If you’re a first-time outdoor or RV camper, simply clicking on the first site you see just won’t cut it.

Local RV rentals are privately owned. They will have lots of RV selections and often hold promotions and deals for even more savings. Some of them may even offer unlimited mileage if you book ahead of time. More often than not you can get extras when you time your vacation, but will often be limited to local events such as concerts, festivals and special occasions.

There’s also big name RV rental companies if you’re hard-pressed for time. The only downside is that they won’t likely offer unlimited miles along with the contract. Sometimes they have delivery specials or one-way deals with extra miles, but you won’t have a say when it comes to the destination.

If you really want to get quality RV rentals with the freedom to go anywhere with unlimited miles, go with peer-to-peer RV rental platforms.

There are 2 platforms that have proven themselves worthy of your attention – Outdoorsy, hailed as “The Largest and Most Trusted Peer to Peer RV Rental“, and RVShare, dubbed “The World’s First and Largest RV Rental”. Within these 2 platforms, you’re likely to get quality RV rentals that come with unlimited mileage.

Signing up for an account with RVShare and Outdoorsy will be worth the time. In a peer to peer platform, you’ll be matched with RV owners who are looking to lease their RVs to vacationers and families in exchange for money. Owners get to “register” their motorhomes on the site and put in useful information such as the make, the model, size, added trimmings, modern conveniences and more. They also have the ability to put in rules and rates along with promos and things such as free linen, kitchen kits, setup, delivery and of course, unlimited mileage.

It works just like a marketplace for RV owners and RV renters. Both sites come with filters you can use to narrow down your search using parameters such as rate, size of RV, etc. You can choose RVs that are located nearby for added convenience, or get the RV that fits the whole family. You won’t have to overspend or worry about mileage as the RVs here are more affordable and better than corporate RV rentals.

Insurance is included for when you’re traveling on the road. Both RVShare and Outdoorsy each have their own comprehensive and collision, liability and you have roadside assistance thrown in for good measure. It will help to find out the specifics of each peer-to-peer RV rental platform’s coverage and find out which one is better for you. RVShare can be found at and Outdoorsy at

Final Words

It always pays to have a plan in mind when you’re preparing for a vacation trip. Having limitless mileage will make traveling one less thing to worry about. The good thing is that this feature is just one click away, thanks to peer-to-peer RV rental platforms such as Outdoorsy and RVShare.