Imagine that you are the owner of a recreational vehicle, and in the middle of a trip, you park it in a public place to charge it up. And, just like that, due to a faulty power supply, there is a voltage surge and boom! It burns the circuits of your RV, including the gadgets inside it.

Most modern generation RVs are quite complex and have lots of electrical equipment such as entertainment systems to air conditioners and much more. The surge protector is one cost-effective and simple way of protecting these gadgets against voltage surges.

You can plug this device between the external power source and your RV. It ensures that only the optimal voltage reaches the electronic equipment on your RV. The basic purpose of the surge protector is to provide a voltage overload protection in instances where there are power surges.

Find below details of the ten best surge protectors available in the market. This list will help you make a better decision when you plan to purchase the gadget.

Top 10 RV Surge Protectors & EMS in 2023




Huges Autoformers



Surge Guard



Progressive Industries



Progressive Industries



Progressive Industries









Surge Guard



Surge Guard



Huges Autoformers



1. Hughes Autoformers RV220-50 SP

Huges Autoformers are unarguably the leaders in manufacturing quality surge protectors. This particular model has a 12,000 watts capacity and a rating of 50amperes. It includes a built-in indicator light, and a 4800 Joules advanced surge protection unit. This fully automatic device provides a ten percent boost when necessary, and its boost indicator turns on whenever required. It also boasts of a comprehensive light-emitting diode park power diagnostics. 

Its replaceable surge guard unit pleasantly surprised me. When the power surge exceeds 4800 Joules and damages the device, remove the replaceable unit, and get it replaced without having to purchase the entire unit.

This device offers more than other surge protectors available as it also includes a voltage booster. It is also weather-resistant and can withstand rapid changes in heat and moisture inside your RV, meaning that you will be able to enjoy this unit for a very long time.

Its LED indicators lets me know that the unit is switched on and running. The automatic ten percent boost is good enough for appliances inside your recreational vehicle. Forget about low voltages as this unit can handle as low as 99 volts. It is slightly heavier compared to other brands available and is one of the best products available in the market. The package contains the autoformer, cable lock, and key.


  • Provides automatic ten percent voltage boost
  • Allows you to perform a comprehensive LED park power diagnostics
  • Has a replaceable surge protection unit
  • Can withstand power surges of 4800 Joules


  • Heavier than other similar units
  • Lacks a LED display

2. Surge Guard 34931

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that a faulty park power in campgrounds and RV parks will not damage your precious RV and the electronic components. The unit contains intelligent features that can determine when there is a power surge going on and act accordingly.

It also boasts of an automatic restoration during power restoration, implying that the moment there is a power surge, this protector will reset and restart your RV again, and you do not have to do the process manually.

The liquid crystal display, a feature rarely found in most surge protectors, allows you to check the current readings. The unit can easily contain up to 2450 Joules, which is a pretty high number and appropriate considering that there is no guarantee of the fluctuations in a power park. 

This portable model, tipping the scales at 0.48 Ounces, is easy to maneuver as well as carry around. If you are looking for a reliable product that does the task efficiently, look no further than the Surge Guard 34931. 

It is so simple to use that even first-time users will not face a problem in operating it. Ensure that you do not leave this portable model unguarded as criminals can easily steal it. It is a wise idea to fasten it to your RV using some lock combination.


  • Automatically resets during power restoration
  • Power surge suppression 2450 Joules
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Liquid crystal display


  • Display light can be prone to damage over time

3. Progressive Industries HW30C

It is the job of the surge protector to protect your RV from sudden power surges. However, some models can do more than that, which is an additional bonus. The HW30C comes in three different modes: 1,790 Joules and 44,000 amps plus has ratings of 30 amperes, 120 volts, and 3600 watts. 

The operating temperature of this model, which ships with a 14" data cable, is from +105 to -40 degrees Celcius. The length of its data cable comes in handy when the power plus is at some distance from the spot where you have parked your RV.

It has other features such as reverse polarity detection & protection, open ground, open neutral, and protection for over/under voltages. Apart from a 136 seconds' time delay sequence, the unit contains a surge failure indicator that warns you of surges. The LED included with the unit displays all types of readings. The included remote control permits you to scroll through the readings on the display unit.


  • Long 14-inch data cable
  • Three different surge protection modes
  • Includes a liquid crystal display unit


  • The 136 seconds' time delay sequence is longer than other models

4. Progressive Industries HW50C

Progressive Industries is the best provider of electrical equipment and accessories. Regarding surge protectors, their HW50C stands apart because of its 5-mode design along with the various ratings. It is compatible with 50 amperes and 120/240 volts current, as well as over 50,000 watts of power.

Temperature is no concern for this unit as it performs perfectly between temperatures between -40 to 105 degrees Celcius. Regarding protection, this unit contains protection against open neutral, open ground, and under/over voltage. With this kind of protection, your vehicle remains protected from all types of surges, as well as low voltage.

It also offers A/C frequency protection, a feature not found on most surge protectors. Try to install the device incorrectly, and it will alert you. Besides, it is Canadian, and UL certified and ships with a lifetime warranty.

It also saves previous error codes, making it easy for you to troubleshoot future issues. Its remote display provides you with the option of viewing the status of the device when it is still in your vehicle.


  • Nice overall design and construction
  • Understandable and readable lighted front
  • Saves previous error codes for future troubleshooting


  • Tight connection, which can occasionally cause issues when plugging in the device

5. Progressive Industries PT50X

This is yet another superb device from the stables of Progressive Industries. This unit is ideal for individuals searching for a 50-ampere rating surge protector. Manufactured by a reputable company, it contains everything you could wish in a surge protector.

Being weather-resistant, it can handle all types of possible weather conditions. It is one of the few units that has an open reverse neutral polarity plus offers excellent protection against over or under voltage.

It boasts of a 136 seconds' time delay sequence plus a surge failure indicator. It also has a rugged design, making it suitable for outdoor use. The included rugged pull handle makes it easier to manage and use the device.

This unit is light in weight and has a current indicator and a scrolling digital display. However, I wish that this device had a liquid crystal display.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Perfect for those searching for 50-amperes rating surge protectors
  • Light in weight
  • Offers excellent protection against over or under voltage


  • Lacks a liquid crystal display

6. Southwire 44750

Include this unit in your shopping list if you plan to purchase a surge protector for your recreational vehicle. This unit provides a rock-solid performance as well as an amazing level of protection.

Apart from being compatible with RVs, it is good for pop-ups and trailers too. Its overall construction is extremely good considering that this weather-resistant device also boasts of a shock protector and shield, meaning it protects against shocks too.

You can rest assured that this surge protector will not pose any problems irrespective of the place you plan to visit is. The unit, which offers 510 joules of surge protection, contains user-friendly plug handles, which makes it convenient to use it in the majority of cases.

I was pleasantly surprised by the auto-shutdown ability of this unit that shuts off the power automatically in case of ground faults. However, this device requires a manual reset following a ground fault.


  • Perfect for RVs, pop-ups, and travel trailers
  • Contains user-friendly plug handles
  • Shuts power automatically in case of ground faults
  • Boasts of a shock shield and protector


  • Does not offer low voltage protection

7. Camco 55306

If you are searching for the ultimate in 50-amperes surge protector, look no further than the Camco 55306. It seems that this company has formed the habit of manufacturing one good surge protector after the other. This reliable protector makes its presence felt when you check its overall construction.

It offers immense value for its price to the consumer, especially when one considers that it boasts of surge suppression and protection rating up to 4200 joules. Its construction is such that it can detect open ground, open neutral, as well as reverse polarity instantaneously, which helps you detect any issue even before you plug the unit.

The included 3-color bright LED indicator light alerts you in case of wrong wiring in a power pedestal and for other issues too. I loved the strong pull handle of this unit.


  • Thermal protection allows for additional security
  • Contains indicator lights that display certain issues immediately
  • Detects open neutral, reverse polarity, and open ground correctly


  • Expensive
  • Dimensions larger than usual

8. Surge Guard 44260

Opt for the Surge Guard 44260 if you are looking out for the best 30-amperes surge protector. I noticed that this is one of the rare units that is so versatile that it can handle other vehicles apart from RVs.

Thanks to its portability, you can bring it together with your other camping supplies during camping trips and outings. It is fully reliable in the sense that it can provide the protection, which any RV user demands. It can provide protection rating up to 2,100 joules.

Because of its portability, there is no need to install it in a complex manner. Just plug it in line with the power source. This multifunctional, weather-resistant surge protector can identify a faulty power in any campground or park. It further analyzes circuits by verifying the pedestal power.


  • Offers protection up to 2,100 joules
  • Weather-resistant
  • Portable
  • Can handle RVs, outings, and camping trips


  • The indicator lights are not as powerful as expected

9. Surge Guard 34930

This unit, apart from protecting your RV from faulty park power, further protects it from all types of electrical problems that might arise from the inside of your recreational vehicle.

It provides overall protection against open neutral, power surges, and open ground as well as from high and low voltages ranging from 132 volts to 102 volts. This unit also covers any miss-wired pedestal, elevated ground, reverse polarity, receptacle/plug faults, and overheating plus can tackle all sorts of electrical surges.

The included LCD shows information in English. It monitors the current readings continuously and displays the amperage and voltage drawings. This protector is quite fast compared to others and has a 10-second start-up. At 128 seconds, the reset delay of this unit, which has a capacity of 36,000 watts, is similar to that of other protectors.


  • Fits all types of RVs
  • The included LCD shows amperage and voltage drawings
  • The unit has a capacity of 36,000 watts


  • You might have to replace the entire unit in the event of a surge

10. Hughes Autoformer PWD50

The surge protector is typically an electrical device that protects your RV. However, this unit is different as it does the same job but in a `smart' way. It boasts of Bluetooth connectivity that permits you to monitor power conditions of a live park on your smartphone.

You do not need to get up to check the device once you download and install the Hughes mobile app, available for both the Android and iOS platforms. Besides, you also get the opportunity to experience the entire LED park power diagnostics with wireless fault alerts. You can even set custom alerts depending on your suitable thresholds. 

The best part is that this device contains a replaceable unit. If a power spike or surge damages the unit, replace the spike/surge unit and you are good to go.


  • Bluetooth connectivity permits monitoring on your smartphone
  • Replaceable spike/surge unit
  • Allows you to run LED power diagnostics
  • Draws only 50 amperes when in use


  • You cannot lock this unit to the shore power pedestal

Final Thoughts

Basic RV surge protectors will only provide limited protection with antique campground pedestals. Although it is more costly for an electrical management system, it provides more security. I see it as an RV insurance policy. Better spending a couple of hundred on insurance now to avoid spending a few thousand on later repairs.

Check out Amazon for information on all the reviewed products, and consider our top recommendation, the Progressive Industries HW30C.