This year might be the time that you take off on that long-awaited RV tour, but it's critical to prepare for your comfort, convenience and power needs while exploring out-of-the-way places and popular tourist destinations. RV electrical systems are capable of running both AC and DC power by using inverters and converters.

Inverters turn your DC power supply into AC power, the kind that comes from the electrical grid. AC power runs in both directions, and DC power only runs in one direction from the negative pole to the positive pole. Inverters also increase the available power output from batteries, arrays, and solar power systems.

Converters are needed to turn AC power into DC power for recharging your RV's batteries and running 12-volt appliances.

Why You Need an Inverter and Converter

Converters are needed to reduce the power of your generator or electrical hookup from 120 volts to 12 volts to run small appliances and accessories safely. Inverters do the opposite and increase power to 120 volts for luxury items that need more power, such as Tv systems, air conditioners, microwaves, etc.

Our Criteria for the Inverter Review Process

Our criteria for picking the top 10 inverters is simple. The most important area is the cost-value ratio of the inverter - how much value the charger provides for the price. Other important factors in the rating process include input and output voltage, power rating, watts of continuous power and energy efficiency.

Top 10 RV Inverter Brands in 2023




AIMS Power


GoWISE Power





(1500 Watt)




Go Power!





(3000 Watt)


Power Bright




1. AIMS Power

The AIMS power 3000 provides a high cost-value ratio because it works well with most RVs, semi-trucks, off-grid systems and remote locations where more power is needed. The inverter can provide power surges up to 9,000 watts and comes with an automatic generator starter function that comes in extremely handy. It's versatile enough to use on boats, travel trailers, RVs and campers.

The inverter has protection against overheating and overloading, and the smart battery charger has seven battery settings to recharge most of your RV's batteries. The AIMS brand is highly respected and considered one of the most reliable manufacturers available.


  • Thermal cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Industrial- and marine-grade functionality
  • Reliable backup power
  • AC direct-connect block for supplying up to 5,000 watts


  • Heavy to transport at 18 pounds
  • Expensive
  • No USB port

2. GoWISE Power

The GoWISE Power Inverter can be used on boats, RVs and PCs installed in remote locations. Unlike some models, the inverter comes with a detailed and user-friendly operation manual.

The charger can supply 3,000 watts of continuous power and 6,000 watts of surge power for special electrical needs. The system comes with five safety protection systems, and the pure sine wave inverter generates smooth power that's safe to use for any electrical device.


  • Energy-efficient conversions
  • Wide range of voltages
  • Compact design to fit in tight RV spaces
  • Two cooling fans
  • USB cable
  • LED light to provide system warnings


  • Fluctuating wattage
  • No display
  • Bulky remote control

3. Ampeak

The Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter is a relatively new brand with an affordable cost, 2,000 watts of continuous power and 4,000 watts of surge capacity. 2,000 watts is enough power to run most electrical applications in RVs. The inverter features a USB port and three AC outlets.

The Ampeak 2000W has automatic shutdown protection if the inverter short-circuits, overloads or overheats or the voltage increases or drops. The smart digital display keeps you informed about critical issues, such as AC output wattage, DC input voltage, and fault codes.


  • Reliable power conversions
  • Affordable price
  • Compact design
  • Durable ABS plastic case
  • Portability for other uses
  • Built-in mini strip fuse


  • No remote
  • A fuse that blows when connecting too many devices

4. WindyNation VertaMax (1500 Watt)

The VertaMax Pure SINE Wave 1500 Watt Power Inverter might not power everything in a luxury-equipped RV, but it provides a steady output of 1,500 watts and comes with lots of useful features that provide big benefits for RV owners. One benefit that's often overlooked is that the kit comes with everything you need for a quick installation.

Each outlet has its own circuit breaker, so you don't have to worry about working in the dark if one circuit blows. The kit comes with three outlets and an LED display that shows input and output. You can power most common appliances, which include microwaves, air conditioners, televisions, computers, and video game consoles, but you might not be able to run them all at once.


  • Different protection systems that provide redundancy to guarantee safe operation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Ability to monitor power usage continuously
  • Protections that are located all in one place for easy access


  • Short warranty
  • A 1,500-watt limit that precludes running some luxury appliances simultaneously


The POTEK 3000-Watt Power Inverter has 3,000 watts of continuous power, and the device is highly compact and portable. The inverter provides multiple power functions and comes with four power outlets and two USB charging ports. It's perfect for running high-power equipment, such as electric saws, air compressors, water dispensers, refrigerators and coffee makers.

The cooling fans accelerate as the electrical load increases, but they won't run at all if the inverter is turned off for any reason. With 6,000 watts of peak power, the Potek 3000-watt can provide up to 6,000 watts of peak power for battery boosting.


  • Multiple safety protections that include under- and over-voltage protection and temperature protection
  • Smart fans that speed up when the temperature rises to more than 104° Fahrenheit
  • Great source of backup power in emergencies, such as hurricanes, floods, and storms


  • Modified sine wave function that doesn't work well with delicate electronic devices
  • Occasional humming sound in audio equipment

6. Go Power!

The Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter features 3,000 watts of continuous electrical power and reliable surges of up to 6,000 watts when needed to provide a boost. It's a great source of emergency backup power, and the kit comes with all the hardware and tools needed to set up the inverter in long-haul trucks, RVs, trailers, and campers.

Compact and highly portable, this inverter can be removed from your RV for other uses while traveling or camping. The system features two readouts to track input and output to prevent damages from under-voltage, over-voltage, and overloads. The system comes with two outlets that are protected by GFCI.


  • 3,000 watts of continuous power and surges of 6,000 watts to give battery boosts
  • Protection from under-voltage, over-voltage, and overloads
  • Certified to UL safety standards
  • Integrated GP-DC-KIT5 to prevent electrical problems when connecting a battery to the system


  • Non-waterproof

7. Xantrex PROWatt

The Xantrex PROWatt 806-1220 2000W Inverter provides up to 2,000 watts of continuous power and has a built-in display for monitoring input and output. The inverter has heavy-duty terminals for easy battery connections. Compact and easy to use, you can transport the inverter for multiple recreational applications in your RV, boat, and truck.

Multiple safety protections include a low-voltage alarm at 11 volts and over-voltage protection at 15.5 volts that shuts down the system. The Xantrex PROWatt also features an ignition-lockout switch on the remote control as protection against theft, hijacking and unauthorized use.


  • Meets the tough certifying criteria of UL458
  • Safe operation for dual GFCI AC receptacles
  • Easy and hassle-free battery connections
  • Digital display of voltage input and wattage output


  • Dim display that's hard to read
  • Doesn't operate effectively below 32°F

8. WindyNation Vertamax (3000 Watt)

The WindyNation Vertamax 3,000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter has separate circuit breakers for each of its three grounded AC receptacles. This gives you a wider range for connecting appliances and equipment. The inverter provides protection against high temperatures, overloads, under-voltage, over-voltage, and reverse polarity.

Multifunctional and versatile, the inverter features an easy-to-read LED digital display to track volts and watts entering and exiting the inverter. This inverter is especially useful if you run a lot of delicate electronics in your RV.


  • Reliable design
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides extreme safety protections
  • High level of compatibility with RVs, trucks, boats, mobile homes and campers
  • Perfect inverter for RVs and long camping trips


  • Occasionally trips the circuit breaker when running heat-producing appliances like stoves and deep fryers
  • Expensive

9. Power Bright

The Power Bright PW3500-12 Power Inverter is an intelligent model that warns you of electrical problems, such as low voltage. The inverter turns off automatically if the voltage is too high, and the cooling fan prevents damage from overheating. Solid and durable aluminum construction ensures that your inverter will last for many years.

The inverter automatically shuts off if a short circuit is detected, and the bright LED display makes it easy to monitor input and output. The biggest benefit of the power Bright inverter is that it offers one of the highest wattages available - 3,500 watts of continuous power and 7,000 watts of surge power.

Pros & Cons

The pros of the Power Bright PW3500-12 Power Inverter include:

• Compact design and portability to use with other camping vehicles, such as boats, trucks, trailers, and campers
• Built-in cooling fan
• Sturdy aluminum case for portability
• Input and output information on the digital LED display

The cons of the inverter include:

• Short warranty
• Expensive


  • Compact design and portability to use with other camping vehicles, such as boats, trucks, trailers, and campers
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Sturdy aluminum case for portability
  • Input and output information on the digital LED display


  • Short warranty
  • Expensive


The GIANDEL 2000W Power Inverter is the perfect choice for supplying power to your RV, boat, truck, camper and emergency kit. You can get up to 2,000 watts continually and 4,000 watts for surge power when needed. The USB port and dual AC outlets allow you to connect up to three devices at a time.

The aluminum alloy shell provides protection for the device on bumpy back roads, and the built-in cooling fan protects the inverter from overheating. Protection systems include guarding against overloads, low voltage, high voltage, and short circuits. The system design includes intuitive and isolated input and output connections for further operating safety.


  • Includes remote control, battery cables and internal fuses
  • Easy-to-read display that allows you to monitor and fine-tune your electrical usage
  • Affordable price
  • Portability to use in boats and other camping vehicles
  • Soft Start technology


  • Insufficient power for some heaters and cooking equipment
  • Occasional beeping when operating on battery power

Final Thoughts

Inverters have become one of the most important camping and RV tools because they provide real benefits for operating more advanced electrical equipment by converting 12-volt DC power to 120-volt AC. 

Check out Amazon for information on all the reviewed inverters, and consider our top recommendation, the AIMS Power 3000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Inverter.