We all hear that voice now and then. That call to reconnect with nature, or to pack up and see where the road takes us. But it’s getting harder and harder to part with the comforts of home. Sure, camping sounds great, but you’re in the middle of the new season of This Is Us. Plus, you don’t want to eat campfire hotdogs and granola bars for every meal.

Nomads take their homes with them. That used to mean keeping only what you could carry. Now, it means bringing a whole home with you. The RV Nomad is for adventurers who’ve chosen to forego expensive motels so they can get closer to nature, and to their families. We write about the best RVs and motor vehicle appliances, give you tips on saving money on the road, and share news and knowledge about anything to do with camping, the outdoors, or living off the grid. If you’re thinking of just dipping your toe in, we can even put you in touch with someone nearby who might be willing to rent their RV out to you!

Stick with us, and you’ll be glad you came along for the ride.